Spirit can’t be bred, but it can arguably be broken – or one can fail to foster it in the right horse under the right conditions.


We are a private stud and never have more than 60 horses to keep our land fresh. In addition to Normandy’s famously fine climate for breeding, the clay-rich soil is high in calcium and essential trace minerals that favour growth. Our horses have the run of the fields and they may end up with a few bites and scratches, but this is essential part of our bid to raise yearlings that are robust and readied for training.


The racing career of our horses is always our priority, which guides our entire process from mating to rearing them. Even if we have to sell horses from time to time, we don’t pride ourselves as much on prices in the ring, as on results on the track.


We aim to optimise the quality of our natural and technical facilities:


  • You can’t replace space for a horse and our yearlings are rotated between the best pick of high quality paddocks on 130 ha (321 acres) of land.


  • A good horse farm should always look like a cattle farm with a few horses on the side. We have exceptional grass as a result of a high ratio of Charolais cattle to horses, which prevents overgrazing, inhibits parasites and is a sustainable way of keeping our fields sweet.


  • Our new winter barn offers our young horses the freedom to roam outdoors throughout the day, all while being assigned individual boxes for feeding and treatment.


  • The exceptionally wide diameter of our state-of-the-art walker in which we prepare our horses for auctions and training ensures that they don’t turn too tight, thereby putting less strain on their joints.