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wdt_ID Name Sex DOB d/m/y Colour Sire Dam
42 N18 (Amorine) f 31/03/2018 b Kendargent Amorine
43 N18 (Celebre Vadala) f 20/04/2018 b Dubawi Celebre Vadala
44 N18 (Dardiza) f 16/04/2018 ch Siyouni Dardiza
45 N18 (Glorious Sight) f 13/05/2018 b Dubawi Glorious Sight
46 N18 (Irish Rookie) c 18/02/2018 b Dubawi Irish Rookie
47 N18 (La Patria) c 26/02/2018 b Belardo La Patria
48 N18 (Manasarova) f 17/02/2018 b Oasis Dream Manasarova
49 N18 (Next Life) c 24/02/2018 b Vadamos Next Life
50 N18 (Pearly Shells) c 17/04/2018 b Kendargent Pearly Shells
51 N18 (Pearly Steph) c 01/05/2018 b Le Havre Pearly Steph

*Owned in partnership